instant regret

for the first time in a couple of years i’ve decided to slack off and NOT really try at all in any of my classes this quarter.

man. what a stupid fucking decision. i love school too much (even though it’s buttfucking my wallet).

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Real Estate - Suburban Beverage

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Dash Jacket - Hannah

Candles burn bright, but just for a while.  All things do come to an end, some when you want them to, others at the behest of nature, and then there are those that fail to adequately fall into either of these camps.  

California’s Dash Jacket recount the latter in this infectious, jingle jangle, lo-fi indie stormer, that although recorded last year as only just been released.  A request for a second chance falls on deaf ears, and the acceptance of a new, unrequested relationship takes hold, albeit with a touch of disgruntlement.  But just to be close to that candle.

Get burnt by the flame at the guys’ bandcamp page.

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i’m kinky.
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I’m a hot bod bitch.

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Twenty minutes, then gravity came down on him like a great soft hand with bones of ancient stone.
William Gibson - Neuromancer 9 notes

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